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Final Policy Recommendations

The research highlights complexities in asylum governance, including issues of status determination, vulnerability and rights.

Country Reports

The Country Papers examine and provide evidence on country-specific instruments, their material and personal scope.

Final Report

This Policy Brief synthesises the main research findings and policy recommendations of the project which ran between 2019 and 2024.

ASILE Global Portal

The ASILE Global Portal is an interactive and visually attractive web platform, through which users are able to have direct access the most relevant research findings, reports and outputs in the areas of asylum, refugee and international protection in light of the UN Global Compact on Refugees (UN GCR).

South Africa


ASILE Conference Geneva

This last December 12, 2023. Geneva became the epicenter of EU asylum governance with the Global Forum.

Global Refugee Forum 2023 – Speaker’s Corner

Don’t miss Sergio Carrera, ASILE Project Coordinator, as he took the stage at the Global Refugee Forum’s Speakers’ Corner in Geneve.

Asylum Governance Instruments in Canada, Brazil, South Africa and Turkey – With Sergio Carrera

Watch our explanatory video with Sergio Carrera discussing the key findings of this research.

Online Forums

The new EU Pact on Migration and Asylum in light of the UN Global Compact on Refugees

EU Temporary Protection Responses to the Ukraine War and the Future of the EU Asylum System

The Partnership Approaches in the UN Global Compacts on Refugees and and Migration: The role and experiences of civil society around the world

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