The first ASILE Book under the title ‘EU Pact on Migration and Asylum in light of the United Nations Global Compact on Refugees’ examines the new Pact as part of the ASILE online Forum.


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The ASILE project studies the interactions between emerging international protection systems and the United Nations Global Compact for Refugees (UN GCR), with particular focus on the European Union’s role and contribution. It examines the characteristics of international, country-specific and EU asylum governance instruments and arrangements and their gender and age specific impacts on individuals and sharing of responsibility from the perspective of their effectiveness, fairness and consistency with international and regional human rights and refugee law standards…

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The ASILE Global Portal is an interactive and visually attractive web platform, through which users are able to have direct access the most relevant research findings, reports and outputs in the areas of asylum, refugee and international protection in light of the UN Global Compact on Refugees (UN GCR).

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ASILE paper on Refugee Recognition and Resettlement

ASILE paper on Refugee Recognition and Resettlement

New Publication
May 2022

This working paper explores refugee recognition processes, in particular refugee status determination (RSD), and resettlement processes, with the aim of opening up new lines of scholarly and policy enquiry.

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The Country Fiches examine and provide evidence on country-specific instruments, their material and personal scope. You will find a total of six Country Fiches: Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Jordan, South Africa and Turkey.

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