about asile

The project

The ASILE project studies the interactions between emerging international protection systems and the United Nations Global Compact for Refugees (UN GCR), with particular focus on the European Union’s role. Adopting an interdisciplinary perspective, it examines the characteristics of international and country-specific asylum governance instruments and arrangements, and their compatibility with international and regional human rights and refugee laws. A key objective of the project is to provide the cutting edge of academic knowledge, promising practices and a collection of evidence-based tools for the development of future asylum policies.

Work plan

ASILE runs for 4 years (2019-2023) coinciding with the implementation cycle of the UN Global Compact for Refugees. The project results are structured so as to feed into the first mid-Term review envisaged in 2021 (mid-term research findings), as well as in the second half of 2023 in advance to the Second Global Refugee Forum in 2023.