Actors and their Networks:

Scope for adaptation to and contestation of global norms for refugee protection


Publication by
Angeliki DIMITRIADI / September 2022

This report on the research conducted during WP2 of the ASILE project analyses the extent to which global norms and standards affect protection standards for asylum-seekers and refugees in the six ASILE case countries (Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Jordan, South Africa and Turkey). Our analytical focus in on both the composition of and the effects of variation in governance systems on the ways in which global norms and standards can have effects in our six case countries, particularly the impact of the Global Compact on Refugees (GCR). We thus take governance systems as the independent variable in our analysis and assess how variation affects the impact of international norms and standards. This reverses the usual analytical focus of governance research where governance responses are analysed as an ex-post reaction to asylum/refugee migration. In contrast, we identify the key, a priori, role played by governance systems in giving legal, political and socio-economic meaning to protection norms and standards. (…)