Asylum Governance and the European Union’s Role in light of the UN Global Compact on Refugees

Final Conference
6 March 2024

After four years of successful work and collaboration, ASILE arrived to its end on March 2024. 

The Final Conference gave the opportunities to our researchers to present their final results and recommendations to an audience of academics, policy makers, practitioners and CSOs. 

The meeting was divided in four panels focusing on Asylum governance of large-scale refugee movements around the World; Asylum for containment: EU migration and asylum management with Niger, Serbia, Tunisia and Turkey; The EU’s Responses to Refugee Movements from the War in Ukraine; Ways Forward: EU Asylum and Migration Policies in light of the UN Global Compacts on Migration and Refugees 

The event counted with distingueshed experts and key stakeholders that acted as discussants in the various panels. 

Event details

Date: 06.03.2024, Wednesday – 09h00-19h00 (CET)