Containing and controlling mobility in Canada and the EU

ASILE Regional Workshop Canada
7 September

This Regional Workshop gathers academics, civil society representatives and other key stakeholders to comparatively address a set of relevant policy and legal developments related to refugee protection and solutions in Canada and the European Union.

The EU Dublin Regulation and the Canada-US Safe Third Country Agreement (STCA) aim to contain asylum seekers in the the first country of arrival (among the parties to the arrangement). What are the similarities and differences between Dublin and STCA, and what legal, political and administrative issues do they raise in principle and in practice?

Private refugee sponsorship, refugee-specific economic programs and temporary protection schemes create alternatives to conferral of refugee status and government-led resettlement. The UN Global Compact on Refugees promotes ‘complementary pathways’, defined as safe and regulated avenues in addition to resettlement by which refugees can gain access to a third country and have their  protection needs met. Taking the Ukraine and Afghanistan’s situations as case-studies, what do complementary pathways adopted in Canada and EU states reveal about contemporary dynamics of protection in those two contexts?

This Regional Workshop is organized by the University of Toronto and CEPS within the framework of the Horizon 2020 project ASILE – Global Asylum Governance and the European Union’s role. 


Presencial (in Canada):

Online Event via ZOOM:


Naomi Alboim

Senior Policy Fellow at the
Canada Excellence Research Chair in Migration and Integration (CERC) at Toronto Metropolitan University, Canada

Mustafa Alio

Managing Director of R-SEAT (Refugees Seeking Equal Access at the Table), Toronto, Canada

Prasanna Balasundaram

Downtown Legal Services, University of Toronto, Canada

Joshua Blum 

Jared Will & Associates, Toronto, Canada

Dana Wagner

Talent Lift, Toronto, Canada

Roberto Cortinovis

Researcher, Centre for European Policy Studies Project, Brussels, Belgium

Jens Vested Hansen

Professor, Department of Law, Aarhus University, Denmark

Shauna Labman

Global College, University of Winnipeg, Canada

Audrey Macklin

Centre for Criminology and Sociolegal Studies, University of Toronto, Canada

Sergio Carrera

Senior Research Fellow & Head of JHA Unit, CEPS

Event details

Date: 07.09.2022, Wednesday

Time: 09:00 am – 12:15 pm (Canada, EST) / 15h00 pm – 18h15 pm (Belgium, CET)